Facilities Technician

Facilities Technician

Work Location: Milpitas,CA

Job type:

Posted: 03/15/2016


Job Description

Maintains Solar Cell and Module production line facilities equipment repair and maintenance in accordance with company and factory policies and procedures. Ensures highest possible uptime and lowest cost of operation achieved from all facility equipment in support of production lines running on 7 day X 24 hour operation to meet or exceed all production safety, output, yield, customer delivery, cost, and product quality/reliability targets.

Job Responsibilities

Please see JD. 

Job Requirements

Minimum of 5 years of experience in relevant facility/utilities equipment maintenance.
Prefer experience in silicon solar or semiconductor facility/utilities equipment applications including, but not limited to, AWN, PCW chillers, pumps, heat exchangers, RO/DI systems, CDA delivery systems, bulk gas, toxic gas delivery systems, HF, HCL, H2S04 chemical dispense systems, VOC and acid scrub abatement systems, cooling towers, emergency generator, hazard waste management.
Experience with developing and producing facility specifications and procedures.
EMT, ERT, Hazmat training or other relevant experience a plus.