Plant OES Expert

Plant OES Expert

Work Location: Newark

Job type:

Posted: 05/15/2017


Job Description

  • Increase productivity of direct and indirect processes in the plant.
  • Training of OES Methods to ensure incorporation of OES in daily business.
  • Establish OES Reporting with all OES related actions including budget and progress.

Job Responsibilities

  • Potential analysis for productivity improvement (e.g. including time measurements, MIFA, VSM, etc.).
  • Monthly OES reporting to Regional Manager.
  • Schedule, organize and facilitate workshops and trainings for employees in the plant in accordance with OES regional management.
  • Regularly check the sustainability of OES actions with plant manager
  • Find and report “best practices” with all staff function
  • Ensure that OES methods are included in new projects within the plant.
  • Participate in regular OES network meetings.
  • Ensure necessary communication within the plant and the OES network with OES regional management
  • Responsibility for the utmost efficient shopfloor set-up and operations (Shared with Engineering and Operations)
  • Responsibility for the efficienciy improvements on the shopfloor (Shared with Engineering and Operations)
  • Regular Self-Assessment to assure sustainability for Standardizied Work, Operational Excellence and Continious improvement in the plant

Job Requirements

  • 3 years experience in production/logistics processes, preferably within automotive industry; good knowledge of business context and industry parameters; experience in industrial assembly processes (JIS)
  • Project management skills
  • Ability to analyse and improve complex processes
  • communication and facilitation experience
  • Knowledge of operational process management
  • JIS Experience
  • Knowledge of OES, CIP and lean managememt
  • Up-to-date know-how in organization, technology and industrial engineering