Plant ECC coordinator

Plant ECC coordinator

Work Location: Newark

Job type:

Posted: 05/15/2017


Job Description

  • Integration of proposals of customer / SAS technical changes into internal change database. Coordination and supervision of timely processing of evaluation on technical change proposals. Administration of material master data of productive materials in SAP.
  • Coordination of implementation and launch of customer / SAS technical changes.

Job Responsibilities

  • Integration of proposals of the customer / SAS changes / deviations into ECM database
  • Administration (creation, modifications, deletion) of basic material master data of parts in SAP
  • Administration (creation and modifications) of bills of materials in SAP
  • Administration (creation and modifications) of internal technical bill of material
  • Administration (creation and modifications) of conversion tables
  • Regular inspection and comparison of content of JIT calls with SAS bill of materials in SAP (2x a year / at changes)
  • Organization and conduction of "Change commission" meeting
  • Inspection of preparedness of other SAS departments for implementation of change
  • Inspection of completeness of documentation (analysis, quotation, calculation) for cost-relevant change requests
  • Review of implemented changes after 3 months from SOP
  • Provision of additional documentation for proposals of changes / deviations from the customer (development, quality, etc.)
  • Cooperation at preparation of production data (JIT calls, conversion tables)
  • Cooperation with the customer at provision of correct data in JIT calls for cockpit through the corresponding system (JIS calls)
  • To work according to internal / local CES standards and procedures for change management process
  • To cooperate at cleaning of error boxes
  • To take part in meetings with the customer
  • To inform other SAS departments about SOP (Start of Production) date, based on the information from the customer
  • To cooperate at management and coordination of start of change / deviation with the customer and the supplier
  • To monitor and responds to specific requirements of the customer

Job Requirements

  • Secondary / university education in engineering area
  • 2 and more years of experience in automotive industry
  • Knowledge of methodology and principles of change management
  • Knowledge of quality system (ISO TS/IATF 16949, VDA standards)
  • Knowledge and use of MS Office, MS Win7. SAP
  • Knowledge of logistic processes in JIS environment