Plant IT Responsible

Plant IT Responsible

Work Location: Newark

Job type:

Posted: 05/15/2017


Job Description

Securing the availability of
  • IT-Systems, communication appliances and data
  • System and data security
  • data integrity within the plant via proactive, operational and reactive measures

Job Responsibilities

1. Functional responsibility for the smooth execution of all data-processing systems for:
  • Responsible for Software and Hardware in the plant
  • Control of JIS production during 24 hours operations
  • tracking and tightening systems for the compilation and archiving of all safety-relevant data
  • the local and/or standard SAS ERP System (currently: Foss by Ordat, XPPS by Infor), which is mainly used as support for the order processing (EDI), Warehouse Management, demand planning, purchase and invoicing
  • Windows 2000 and Unix/Linux based local network
  • all PC based applications (MS Office, Tools)
  • Time Management and access-controll systems
  • Quality Management System and implementation of the necessary measures in accordance with SAS IT Roadmap
2. Further development of process and system landscape within the plant, with focus on:
  • Coordination of the requirements of the different departments regarding the optimization of IT supported processes
  • Development of solutions and guidelines for implementation in close coordination with Corporate IT Organization and in accordance with SAS IT Roadmap and IT Standards
3. Contribution and functional responsibility for implementation of planning tasks:
  • Demand planning in consideration of the necessary budget in accordance with the plant and regional management as well as with Corporate IT
  • Contribution to global IT organization
  • Responsible especially for developing the implementation of global IT organization in the plant and in the plants belonging to the functional responsibility
4. Securing standards
  • Securing of work, health and environmental protection within the department
  • Responsible for information security at the location according to SAS IS Policy
  • Process owner for CES chapter 9 for the plant
5. Leadership Responsibility
  • Disciplinary responsibility for Plant IT Team - lead, coordinate, motivate Plant IT Team

Job Requirements

  • Most current technical knowledge technology / system Degree in IT (IT Engineer)
  • Processes / guidelines AS 400
  • Industry / client know-how (strategies, technologies, business perspectives)
  • Knowledge in cross cutting technologies and neighboring
  • Experience (>3 years) as expert in IT fields
  • Project management
  • Experience in leading a team, very good relational management, leadership and charisma
  • Knowledge in interaction of all technical competencies
  • Test, validate, approve documents
  • Know how transfer / best practice sharing