Elements Of A Successful Job Search

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Mar 18, 2014

Elements Of A Successful Job Search

Don’t underestimate the importance of a great resume

Especially in a developing market like Vietnam, whe-re hiring managers have to cull through many poorly constructed resumes to get to the good ones, making sure your resume stands out will make a difference. Remember, your resume is a personal marketing tool and it should be perfect! There should be no grammar or spelling errors. If it is in English, make sure you have it proof-read and edited by a native English speaker. And make sure it highlights your accomplishments, achievements and results in past jobs, not just your responsibilities.

Stay focused

A great way to grab the attention of the HR professional is to make sure your resume and cover letter targets the reader. Be sure you highlight what is mentioned in the job advertisement and don’t come across as aimless in your job search. Saying you are interested in a “good working environment” does not demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are truly interested in the fob for which you are applying. If computer skills are mentioned in the ad, it is important to add that to your resume if it is a skill you have. If you tweak your resume for each position, it will help get you noticed. And make sure you have a compelling answer when asked why you are interested in a particular job. Remember, to make yourself a strong match.

Cast a wide net

Don’t put all of your hope into one job. You should explore many opportunities and contact several people. Networking is a great way to land the job you want. No matter how great your resume is, it always helps to have someone pulling for you f-rom the inside of a company. It can also speed the process of getting your resume in the right hands. Meet up with old friends and classmates to see what they are doing now. Don’t feel bad about enlisting the help of family and friends in your job search. Many companies offer bonuses to employees who recommend a great new hire!

Get noticed

It’s important to make sure your resume doesn’t get lost amongst the masses. One way to ensure your resume gets seen is to take advantage of resume upgrade options that many job sites offer, such as www.vietnamworks.com. Choosing to upgrade your resume status gives your resume greater visibility. It literally bumps your resume ahead of the hundreds of other resumes posted online so that potential employers see your resume first.

Searching for a job is not easy, but by using some of these tips your can increase your chances of success.

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