Administrative Assistant | 40HRS

Administrative Assistant

Work Location: fremont, California

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 05-23-2023

Salary: $18-$21 USD / Weekly


Job Description

The primary responsibility of the position is to assist the Human Resources Department within the administration and functionality of various duties, tasks, and responsibilities for employees and the company. 


Job Responsibilities

1. Creates, establishes, edits, and generates various documents, reports, and files.

2. Responds to telephone calls and makes outgoing calls.

3. Compiles purchase and manages office and equipment supplies.

4. Performs routine office work such as ordering supplies, performing bookkeeping tasks, maintaining records, works with standard and advanced spreadsheets.

5. Reconciles all administrative vendor and related invoices and sends invoices to customers.

6. Creates payment requisitions such as purchase requests (ePR) and purchase claims (eClaim).

7. Monitors Business Insurance for customer’s certificate.

8. Attends Employee Committee meetings and communicates reviewed meeting minutes to all employees.

9. Prepares, schedules and processes travel arrangements and requests.

10. Monitors security camera.

11. Prepares badge for new employees.

12. Arranges cubicle for new hires.

13. Keeps track of visitor badges.

14. Provides assistance to any facility service and repair coordination.

15. Responsible for the inventory and stocking of the cafeteria, coffee counter supplies, and snack/drink vending machines.

16. Coordinates, assists, and schedules company events, customer visits, employee committee meetings, conference rooms, breakfasts, luncheons, and etc.

17. Maintains floral and plant healthiness weekly.

18. Conducts oral presentations and speaks to employee audiences.

19. Ensures that client-specific procedures are routinely practiced and enforced.

20. Assists, maintains, and monitors a professional and safe office environment including the orderliness of conference rooms and all common areas, including rental property.

21. Provides backup coverage for front desk receptionist duties.

22. Completes any other projects and tasks as assigned, and ensures timely completion.


Job Requirements

1. High school diploma or equivalent.

2. Two (2) years of related experience in office administration (preferably reporting to a manager, director, or vice president). 

3. Demonstrates critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills including excellent time management and multi-tasking abilities.

4. Proficiency and skills within Microsoft Office applications (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook). 

5. Good written/verbal communication skills and oral presentation skills.

6. Friendly, enthusiastic, interpersonal, and outgoing character and personality.



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