Forklift Driver | 40HRS

Forklift Driver

Work Location: fremont, California

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 05-03-2023

Salary: $20 USD / Hourly


Job Description

·         offload trucks, move and store material in the warehouse

·         Supply of assembly line stations with necessary products; line feeding

·         Take back empty boxes, packaging, and waste from the assembly line to the warehouse or defined places

·         Attend daily TOP 5 /QRQC meetings, take part in the improvement process and improve effectiveness using and applying ACT standard

·         Handle properly dangerous goods (airbags, etc.) at the warehouse and during the drive through the plant

·         Support by the training of new employees at the warehouse

·         Maintain 5S standards and follow local health & safety regulations

·         Communicate all problems with the product to his supervisor or ACT Leader

·         Take proper care of his work lift, know the risks and use of it, also battery change and loading

·         Flexible working schedule – 1st & 2nd Shift

Job Responsibilities

See J.D

Job Requirements

·         2 years minimum experience 


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