Jr. Lab Engineer

Jr. Lab Engineer

Work Location: California

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 02-25-2020

Salary: Negotiate

Email: job@40hrs.us

Job Description

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Job Responsibilities


To setup mechanical fixtures with electrical, pneumatic and computer controls to facilitate component or product validation


•             To assist in DOE, engineering analysis and data collection, and to update related documentations on socketing and thermal products


•             To conduct failure analysis and products evaluation; which includes RMA processing and reporting


•             To manage and maintain Lab equipment and instrumentations


•             To support product first article assembly and to conduct related inspection and test


Job Requirements


           Recent graduate with Associate or Bachelor Degree in Mechanical or Mechatronic Engineering, or equivalent field.

            Candidate must be hands on with electrical apparatus, mechanical tools, fixture assembly and standard lab instrumentations.


          Candidate must be engineering analytical oriented and be able to familiarize with company’s products timely.


         Candidate must be able to work under dynamic, time constraint, and multi-tasking conditions.


          Candidate must be self motivated individual and is always willing to learn.


High sense of responsibility and urgency towards work assignments.


            Sound technical problem solving ability, proactive and able to devise contingency plans.


           Experience in semiconductor packaging and test will be a plus.




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