Process Engineer

Process Engineer

Work Location: San Jose , California

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 08-10-2020

Salary: Negotiate


Job Description


The position provides the technical manufacturing and engineering support that assures the absolute highest quality and efficiencies to all aspects of the company manufacturing process.


Job Responsibilities


Responsible for the development of all applicable documented Manufacturing Process Instructions that will ensure the correct process controls and operational sequence for all steps in the Company’s manufacturing


 Interface with customers and Program Managers in coordinating the release of new products or any product builds


 Provide customers Design for Manufacturability (DFM) support


 As required, maintains records and data reporting systems for coordination of manufacturing operations


 Responsible for technical support and sustaining engineering within the product manufacturing area of the company


 Establishes operating equipment specifications, improves manufacturing techniques, and introduces new process equipment to production


  Interfaces with product design and development to ensure that processes and designs are compatible and support the DFT philosophy


 Provide continuous improvement to our manufacturing process


 Work closely with Quality in the development of training and provide training to production personnel


Job Requirements


Strong communications skills


• 4 to 6 years of process engineering experience in the EMS industry


• Bachelor’s Degree in related field • Strong knowledge in SMT (fixture, reflow oven, solder, etc.)


• Experience in implementing new process to the team




Job Type: Full-time Experience: • process engineering: 1 year (Preferred)


• Complete undergraduate courses in food sciences/chemical eng: 1 year (Preferred)


•manufacturing: 1 year (Preferred)


• paid professional level food sciences work: 1 year (Preferred) • paid professional level food processing work: 1 year (Preferred) Work Location: • One location





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