QC Technician | 40HRS

QC Technician

Work Location: Fremont, California 94538

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 12-07-2023

Salary: $25 - $30 USD / Hourly

Email: van@40hrs.us

Job Responsibilities

  • As listed below but not limited to:

1) Inspect products to ensure that they meet quality standards
2) Create tests for quality control of products
3) Disassemble product parts to inspect them individually
4) Monitor production operations to ensure conformance to company specifications
5) Direct assembly adjustments to ensure operations reflect quality standards
6) Ensure products meet customer expectations based on company objectives
7) Communicate the results of inspections and put forward corrective suggestions
8) Write reports to document deficiencies and errors of products, etc.

Job Requirements

  • As listed below but not limited to:

1) Follow supervisor instruction to complete daily work assignment
2) Good written and verbal communication skills
3) Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills
4) Keen attention to detail
5) Basic computer and math skills to calibrate and measure specifications
6) Ability to use measuring devices like gauges, meters, calipers
7) In-depth understanding of company standards
8) Up-to-date knowledge of industry standards and best practices
9) Understanding of target market and consumer needs
10) Products W.I & Traveler reading capabilities
11) Documentation and reporting skills
12) Teamwork and collaboration
13) Comfortable standing or walking for long periods of time
14) Proven experience as a quality control inspector in the same industry preferred
15) Proficient in computer word processing and Microsoft Office applications, etc.


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