Quality Manager | 40HRS

Quality Manager

Work Location: Sanjose, California

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 03-27-2023

Salary: $20 USD / Hourly

Email: job@40hrs.us

Job Description

This Quality Manager will champion, lead, and support quality initiatives.  The essential duties and responsibilities are:

  • Assure that customer requirements and expectations have been accurately identified and that the organization is consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations
  • Ensure that all managers, process owners, and supervisors develop and maintain their part of the quality management system
  • Develop quality assurance plans by identifying critical control points and preventive measures; establish critical limits, monitoring procedures, corrective actions, and verification procedures
  • Achieve quality assurance operational objectives by contributing information and analysis to strategic plans and reviews; prepare and complete action plans; implement production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards; identify and resolve problems; complete audits, determine system improvements and implement change
  • Validate quality processes by establishing product specifications and quality attributes, measure production, document evidence, determine operational and performance qualification, and write and update quality assurance procedures
  • Maintain and improve product quality by completing product, company, system, compliance, and surveillance audits; investigate customer complaints; collaborate with other members of management to develop new product and engineering designs, and manufacturing and training methods
  • Promote quality achievement and performance improvement across the organization
  • Ensure compliance with national and international standards
  • Set up and maintain controls and documentation
  • Supervise technical staff in carrying out tests and checks
  • Ensure tests and procedures are properly understood, carried out, and evaluated
  • Collate and analyze performance data against defined parameters
  • Write technical and management system reports
  • Supervise the program of internal auditing
  • Supervise the program of continual improvement to product or services
  • Pinpoint relevant quality-related training needs
  • Establish supplier quality performance criteria and monitor supplier performance
  • Act as key contact with customers' auditors and be responsible for ensuring the execution of corrective actions and ongoing compliance with customers' specifications
  • Monitor performance through gathering relevant data and producing statistical reports 

Job Responsibilities

Please see JD

Job Requirements

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

•        Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or closely related fields

•        6 to 10 years of prior work experience in quality management position with ISO quality standards in a manufacturing environment

•        Good knowledge of ANSI standards as well as GD&T

•        Strong statistical background

•        Knowledgeable in regulatory, compliance systems, and standards

•        Excellent written and verbal communication skills

•        Proficient in Microsoft Office applications and ERP

•        Familiarity with medical and aerospace experience is a plus


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