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Social Worker 3

Work Location: Sanjose, California

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 03-27-2023

Salary: $93 - $112 USD / Annually


Job Description

  • Receives assignments requiring specialized and/or intensive casework where cases are likely to involve emotional difficulties and chronic adjustment problems in departments;
  • Investigates allegations of abuse and neglect of dependent and elder adults when assigned to Adult Protective Services (APS); investigates allegations of abuse and neglect of minors, often under time constrains, and determines if removal of the child from the home is necessary when assigned to DFCS;
  • Manages a caseload accountably;
  • Evaluates client problems, develops complete treatment plans and follows each case through to solution;
  • Develops case plans, court reports and associate legal documents;
  • Testifies in court and responds to inquiries regarding court action;
  • Conducts field visits and evaluates compliance with court orders;
  • Consults, refers cases, and works actively with other agencies and community groups, legal and medical professionals;
  • Establishes and maintains effective case work relationships;
  • Communicates effectively both verbally and in writing;
  • Prepares case records, documents, reports and correspondence in a timely manner, as required;
  • Interprets rules, regulations, policies and programs to clients and the public;
  • Acts as a resource specialist;
  • Knows and maintains listing of community resources and assists clients to utilize community resources;
  • May be required to testify in administrative hearings;
  • Knows and assists in developing community resources and uses them appropriately;
  • Transports clients in county, out of county, out of state and out of country if necessary;
  • Acts as a resource specialist;
  • May be assigned as a Disaster Services Worker, as required;
  • Performs related work as required.

When assigned to DFCS:

  • Determines degree of danger and risk of future abuse and neglect and evaluates child's and family's needs for services;
  • Recruits applicants for foster care and adoption;
  • Evaluates the suitability of adoptive and foster placements and finalizes adoptions.

Job Requirements

Possession of a Master's degree in Social Work preferred or possession of a Master's Degree in Behavioral Science, Counseling, Education Counseling, Gerontology, Marriage and Family Therapy, Nursing, Psychology, Social Psychology, Vocational Rehabilitation or equivalent titles to the above degree from an accredited college.


Three (3) years of social work experience of which two (2) years are equivalent to a Social Worker II in Santa Clara County.


Possession of a Master's Degree in Social Work, as a Title IVE student


Two (2) years of experience equivalent to the classification of a Social Worker II in Santa Clara County.

Master's degree in Social Work may be required by statute for certain positions.

Possession of a valid California driver's license prior to appointment and the ability to qualify for and maintain a County Driver's permit.

Knowledge of:

  • Differential casework treatment techniques;
  • Various personality and behavior theories;
  • Family systems;
  • Effect of one's own personal attitudes and biases on the casework process;
  • Principles, objective, methods and techniques of social work;
  • Individual and group behavior, child development, family relationships and dynamics;
  • Human growth and development;
  • Bio-psycho-socio-economic factors affecting individuals and families;
  • Interviewing, investigative and intervention techniques;
  • Effective methods for handling emotional, irate or distressed people;
  • Computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheet and/or database.
  • Community organization and resources;
  • Rules and regulations relating to public social service agencies and protective services for adults and children.

Ability to:

  • Apply comprehensive integrated knowledge of all phases of social work treatment for predictable results;
  • Use self with a very high level or skill in all professional relationships;
  • Engage the client in the problem solving process;
  • Establish and maintain an effective casework relationship with clients;
  • Work cooperatively with co-workers, other agencies and the public;
  • Receive and provide consultation;
  • Interpret complex laws and regulations to clients and the public;
  • Prepare and present written and oral reports;
  • Manage a caseload in a timely and effective manner;
  • Interprets complex laws and regulations to clients and public;
  • Interview effectively;
  • Work in an environment that requires knowledge of and respect for family's cultural values;
  • Assess and apply intervention techniques to adults, children, adolescents and / or families;
  • Utilize a wide range of social work techniques and community resources.


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