Sr buyer | 40HRS

Sr buyer

Work Location: fremont, California

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 09-26-2022

Salary: Negotiate


Job Description

Manage all aspects of material planning for Key Customer in GES Asia sites- engineering build, pilot run, mass production, end-of-life stages etc.
Closely coordinate with component buyers, business unit managers, engineers and customer to provide clear material visibility such that sales order commitment to customer is met
Manage excess and obsolete inventory- Actively seek opportunities for transfer to other GES site, return to vendors, re-sales etc.
Monitor, analyze and assess market trends – Constant touch with market player in key commodities in the areas of leadtime, supply situation, capacities and price fluctuations.
Manage project transfers to other location of GES.
Assist Component buyers in supply assurance, involve in expediting, negotiate with suppliers to improve delivery schedule and supply protection.
Inventory control management on the project being assigned
Anticipatory purchases. Buying extra qty in anticipation of a price increase to save money.
Review and coordinate implementation of ECN and EOL
Coordinate and follow up with BU and Buyer on PPV 
Assisting the Purchasing Manager in implementing Purchasing Policies for all dealing with internal and external parties.
Provide management report to Purchasing Manger for monthly Key Performance Indicator Review

Job Responsibilities

  1. Overall coordination on material planning to ensure smooth production run.      
  2. Track and report on the excesses and shortages              
  3. Review and reply buyer on alternate solution proposal               
  4. Assist buy expediting critical parts           
  5. Issue one-time PO to customer  (eg: M5 inventory, one time excess purchase)    
  6. Managing inventory turn, MRB and E&O  
    • Periodic review stock & analysis of physical inventory            
    • Periodic “clean-up” campaign          
  7. Meeting with BU to review the project forecast, MRP loading and other issues
  8. Update the buyers on the project forecast or other information 
  9. Activate re-print the MRP report if there is any re-run of MRP
  10. Review and Coordinate ECN implementation for material department
  11. Coordinate EOL part implementation and qualification of its alternative

Job Requirements

  • Minimum Requirement :  Diploma Qualification and above
  • 4 – 5  years in the Electronics / Computer manufacturing industry
Part I : 
  • Knows – Basic MRP , market and technical knowledge.
  • Must –
    • Have basic Project management knowledge, understanding of Manufacturing operation and .
    • Prepare to accept frequent changes from internal and external and response to the changes promptly.
    • Always maintain a positive attitude and positive thinking.
    • Have good communication skill , Interpersonal skill.
    • Have business sense
Part II : Other working conditions required 
  • Both overseas or local traveling might be required.
  • Overtime is expected in completion of daily outstanding work.
  • Must be able to work smart and be independent in any environmental conditions.
  • Set example and drive all parties to meet the department role over the project.


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